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Funny thing. Back when Lotus was the spreadsheet of choice, they decided to use the number of days since 1-Jan as the date. So for dates since 1-Mar, the stored value is the number of days since the day before 1-Jan At the time, Excel was the young upstart, so Microsoft intentionally included this bug for compatibility with One more OT comment in favor of Microsoft, brought up this morning my my daughter. Next time someone is telling you how much Microsoft is the evil empire, and Apple is such a great company, ask them how much they like Apple iTunes.

For example, how do you handle defining predecessor tasks on the worksheet, or showing task dependencies on the chart?

Creating a Gantt chart

Colin: I have been asked about graphs many times and have offered up various solutions, this being just one of them. I personally would not use this graph for a project time line.

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I have used Gantt charts made this way for project reporting. Not for project management, because of the lack of easy dependency tracking.

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It could be done in Excel, but why bother, when Project handles it. Or even the more advanced version, with milestones and other enhancements:. The start date of a task is either a manual entry or based on a predecessor task and possibly a lag time. So add an ID column, a predecessor column and a lag column. If an entry is added in the predecessor column, invoke a worksheet change event that would write a lookup formula in the corresponding start date column.

The lookup formula would use the ID in the predecessor column to look up the finish date of the task ID. If the user subsequently overwrites the formula with a date, invoke another worksheet change event that displays a message confirming the entry and removing any entry in the predecessor column. Other columns, such as percent completed can be added to the table and displayed on the chart.

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Of course, things can become quite complicated, depending on the additional functionality required. As Jon points out, Project already handles all the messy stuff so it may not be worth the effort attempting to use Excel for project planning anyway. FOr project reporting, I agree that Excel can be a useful tool. I really like some of your posts. Do you know of any? I like your blogs.

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I loved the bit of Lotus trivia. I used to really like Lotus back in the day and really found it very straightforward to use. Funny thing about Everyone in my group was using except for me, because I had the lone Mac. Then I got a PC because the company was standardizing.

Free Gantt Chart Template | Make a Gantt Chart in Excel | TeamGantt

I hated all the DOS software the group was using, I mean, it was all utter crap. Even then, when was the market leader, Excel was way better, its interface had benefited from years of programming for the Mac. Was just wondering if you or anyone else knows how to plot a bar graph within an image? Andrew: you can set a background picture for a chart. The point is, you have to add images to charts carefully, if at all. Look how clever and artistic I am!

Exactly what i was looking for the milestones section of my business plan! Simple and easy. Yeah It s very simple template.

But It would be good if we put color like a colorful template it will be great Do u think so? You can copy down individually with the format painter to propagate.

Office 2011 for Mac All-in-One For Dummies

After create a separate range for the resources and add a column sparkline to a cell as shown. I use EasyProjectPlan www. Some projects required different holidays instead of normal Saturday or Sunday. Using this flexible work days feature, users can select their own work days within one week. These features will allow users to add their company holidays and their personal leaves into the chart and being included in total workday calculation which will make the plan more precise. Based on flexible workdays and custom holidays, the formula inside Workday column will calculate precisely users workdays.

These are features that will colorize your chart based on your personal setting. What do you need to know about free software?