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  1. Is It Apple’s New Mac Pro or a Japanese Trash Can?
  2. The Japanese Garbage Can That Inspired Apple’s New Mac Pro [Humor]
  3. A personal computer "Mac Pro replica" that reproduced the new Mac Pro using a trash can
  4. Apple Mac Pro Overview
  5. Is It Apple’s New Mac Pro or a Japanese Trash Can? – The Mac Observer

Ready to make a purchase? Please call the dedicated sales line above to contact an English speaking specialist now. Lines are open Weekdays 9: We look forward to taking your calls. We offer a variety of options for you to customize your Mac.

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Take advantage of the full line of Mac and iPod accessories, and our free message engraving service for iPods. Our sales consultants will help find the right solution to meet your needs and budget.

The Mac Pro Really Is a Trash Can

Special pricing is available for college students, teachers, and educational facility staff: Buy for yourself or for your school! Please call for more details. Mac and iPods are sold with a global warranty. Information on support in Japan or overseas is shown under "Apple Support and Service" to the right of this page. Every new Mac comes with the latest operating system, OS X which is multi-lingual as standard.

Like the title says, this beast is everything they promised. I would suggest the 6-core or better for rendering segmented MOV's, since core quantity will still be important in that scenario.

Is It Apple’s New Mac Pro or a Japanese Trash Can?

Having 6-cores at over 3. It it expensive?

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Yes, and that is a drawback, but it is a class apart, and actually made in the USA. If you're on the fence So my review will be off my first impressions of using this product in those fieldsThe things I like about using this computer so far: You'll be able to do that. Need to add more RAM? You can easily do that. The whole mechanism has a cover that unlocks to give you access to the hardware.

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The best fix for this would be an Apple Thunderbolt to Firewire Adapter- If you're thinking of going the 4k route, you might need to: Aside from that, OS X feels a lot smoother in 60hz but I might just be crazy- One thing worth noting is how crazily expensive the PCIe SSD storage is that comes with this - there's not many third party manufacturers making them just yet either as far as I could find aside from Sonnet. I went the route of adding external hard drives that are Thunderbolt 10gbps compatible to add more space Another thing to mention; in the current version of OS X Yosemite Connection sometimes drops in and out - this doesn't happen on my Macbook Pro that is also running the same version which makes me believe it may be something to do with Yosemite and the Mac Pro.

Regardless, the OS X dev team will be releasing an update that fixes this very shortly and it shouldn't be a deterring factor from buying this product, just a note worth making if you're expecting to buy it soon. So overall, the new Mac Pro is rugged, tiny and lightweight with the punch of a super computer. Ideal for studio environments when you're recording in the same room. Ideal for dare I say casual gamers running Bootcamp but want Apple hardware.

The Japanese Garbage Can That Inspired Apple’s New Mac Pro [Humor]

The main difference between getting the Mac Pro in comparison to building a PC with equal specs is obviously more in the design and Apple-Patented tech than in the hardware - but for me those were two features that set it apart. I had visions of endless cables and peripherals that would clutter my precious desk space. With a little thought and reorganization, this hasn't proved to be a problem.

For my primary interest, which is photography, the new 6 core Mac Pro is much faster than the old one. It is also much quieter.

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I also chose the faster clock speed of the 6 core compared to the slower 8 and 12 core. This makes sense because PhotoShop doesn't use more than 6 cores anyway. Using the Apple Dual DVI to Thunderbolt adaptor, there is a throttling of the signal so that screen resolution cannot exceed x After several hours of talking to Apple technicians and finally to NEC support, I discovered that the only way around this is to use a Display port to Mini-display port cable which enables full resolution to be displayed.

A personal computer "Mac Pro replica" that reproduced the new Mac Pro using a trash can

Now I have access to the full potential of this elegant and amazingly fast computer. Rated 5 out of 5 by Alvin from Goofy Little Trashcan but Fast Enough I've only just begun to get used to the new rig so this write up will serve more as a commentary at this point, but I expect the transition will be smooth and am now convinced that it was the perfect time for an upgrade.

It's pricey what Apple product isn't? I purchased this Mac Pro as an upgrade for a early While still a trusty workhorse, it is getting a bit long in the tooth, and really isn't suitable for 4K, which for us, is just over the horizon. The mix of features it provides are ideal a solid GPU, plenty of memory with room to upgrade, high-performance expansion capability Thunderbolt 2, USB3. My home is my studio, so freeing up physical workspace is a must, as my gear load is certainly not getting any smaller.

I have to comment on the design it really does look like a goofy little trashcan albeit lovingly crafted , or some sort of droid reject from star wars: Cute though: It's really startling when you have them sitting side by side in the studio. There is not much in the way of local storage space, but it's more than adequate for OS X and applications. Anyone working with video on a regular basis isn't going to waste time with internal storage anyhow - external expansion is a must.

I'm quite satisfied that my money was well spent at this moment. For anybody with an older Mac Pro, now is a good time to take the plunge. Rated 5 out of 5 by Amudgarden from Excellent for Photography I've owned this Mac Pro for over two years now, and in that time have been consistently pleased with its performance. I use it predominantly for compiling and editing photographs via Lightroom and Photoshop, as well as holding my iTunes library. For those purposes the computer is very quick and efficient.

Its six thunderbolt 2 connections are exceptionally fast; I use all six to connect both the monitors and external hard drive arrays see photo.

Apple Mac Pro Overview

I do wish it offered more than four USB 3. In two years of continuous use I have yet to experience a problem with the machine. The computer is quite diminutive, making it easy to place in my office. And, it's sleek Darth Vader Trash Can look is appealing and attractive. Amazon Japan sells trash can that looks like the new Apple Mac Pro.

June 13, By Salvador Rodriguez. Amazon Japan cleverly marketed one of its trash cans by pointing out on Twitter… Amazon. Apple reportedly considering new colors and sizes for iPhones Nearly two-thirds of American parents monitor kids on Facebook Kickstarter campaign launched for remote-controlled cockroaches.

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Is It Apple’s New Mac Pro or a Japanese Trash Can? – The Mac Observer

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