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  2. Writing 64 bit assembly on Mac OS X - Carpe diem (Felix's blog)
  3. jaikoz 9.3.0 - Assembly GUI programming for Mac OS X
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Data section contains initialized global variables with 0s. Bss section contains uninitialized global variables. Heap grows "down", toward higher address. Stack grows "up", toward lower address. Every function calls, a stack frame is created to hold parameters and local variables.

More about Stack Frames: ESP points to the last item inserted in the stack.

Optimization manuals

EBP points to the base of the current stackframe: Function parameters are pushed on the stack in reverse order of declaration in source code. The EIP return address instruction to start from when the function returns is pushed on the stack. The function prolog is: Current EBP value is pushed on the stack.

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Works fine with nasm 2. Configured with: It's obvious that this doesn't work.

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I doubt that the terminal has use system nasm. So, I close the terminal and restart, and it works. Now nasm can recognised 'macho64'.

GNU Assembly Tutorial 1

Type 'nasm -v' again, the result is 'NASM version 2. I've done a bit version that works on When I run the program, the return value is 1, but if I change sub esp, 12 to sub esp, 4 as it was in old revisions, then it works, return value 0. Why does it happen like that?

Writing 64 bit assembly on Mac OS X - Carpe diem (Felix's blog)

On OS X Sierra Skip to content. Sign up for a GitHub account Sign in. Instantly share code, notes, and snippets. Embed What would you like to do? ASM Community Messageboard www. Programmer's heaven assembler zone Programmers' Heaven. X-bit Labs articles on microprocessors www. Virtual sandpile x86 Processor information www.

jaikoz 9.3.0 - Assembly GUI programming for Mac OS X

Online computer books www. Instruction latency listings instlatx Yeppp open source library of assembly language functions www.

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  4. Reference manuals and other documents can be found at Intel's web site. Intel's web site is refurnished so often that any link I could provide here to specific documents would be broken after a few months. I will therefore recommend that you use the search facilities at developer.

    Platform Architectures

    AMD resources https: Microsoft resources MASM manuals msdn. Software optimization resources See also my blog Contents Optimization manuals NAN propagation versus fault trapping Vector class library Object file converter and disassembler Subroutine library ForwardCom: Operating systems covered: Note that these manuals are not for beginners.

    Topics include: The choice of platform and operating system.

    Choice of compiler and framework. Finding performance bottlenecks. Multi-core systems. Parallelization with vector operations.

    CPU dispatching. Efficient container class templates.