How to apply mac foundation with a brush

Exactly How to Use the New MAC Masterclass Face Brushes
  1. 25 Best Foundation Brushes for Seamless Makeup Application - Glowsly
  2. Exactly How to Use the New MAC Masterclass Face Brushes
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Pros : Allows for even application and good control of coverage. Cons : Some experts argue that a sponge soaks up more makeup and ends up wasting product. Good for : Light, medium, or heavy coverage. Beauty pros love brushes because they provide the most flawless application by distributing makeup more evenly on skin. Makeup brushes also come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and textures, so talk to an expert or do some quick online research to find out what each one does and which one will give you the look you want.

Pros : Most even application and flawless finish. Uses less product since it distributes makeup evenly. Cons : Requires some blending after application.

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Brushes get scummy or lose their shape if not kept clean. Wash your brushes regularly! Next, using your fingers, brush, or damp sponge, apply makeup to the center of your face on your forehead, nose, and chin these are the areas that typically need the most coverage , and blend outward toward the edges of your face. If you have some peach fuzz on your face we are mammals after all , apply makeup in downward strokes to smooth hair. Keep makeup thinner around the edges of your face, along the hairline, and under the jaw to avoid a hard, distinct makeup line.

This can have a micro-exfoliating effect, which may exacerbate blemishes and make dry skin more noticeable. For more natural-looking makeup, you want to apply thin layers and gradually build coverage rather than slapping on one thick layer. Finally, preserve all your lovely work by dusting on a translucent setting powder with a large fluffy brush, or spritzing setting spray to make sure everything stays put!

For the ultimate in flawless coverage, you might want to give airbrushed makeup a chance. I tried the Mineral Air system, and loved it so much I had to add it to my shop! Unlike the bulky systems that used to only be available to professionals, this one is cordless and so easy to use! Plus, it comes with three shades of liquid mineral makeup so you can mix your perfect custom match.

This comes in really handy when you want to adjust your shade for different seasons when your skin might be more tan or pale. YoungBlood Mineral Primer. Glo Minerals Liquid Foundation Brush. YoungBlood Ultimate Foundation Brush.

25 Best Foundation Brushes for Seamless Makeup Application - Glowsly

Osmosis Colour Brush Cleaner. YoungBlood Liquid Mineral Foundation. Today I shared my tips for applying foundation, but as with any beauty and skincare routine, you gotta do what works for you.

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Did I miss anything? What are some of your favorite foundation tips? Last updated by Alana Mitchell at December 28, Your email address will not be published. Take my quiz and get personalized recommendations from a licensed esthetician!

Exactly How to Use the New MAC Masterclass Face Brushes

Skin Care Quiz. Getting perfect coverage with foundation can be tricky.

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  • Foundation Mistake #1: Using a Powder Formula;
  • Shutterstock How do I get a flawless finish? How do I keep it from streaking? Liquid foundation, however, was a little bit harder to deal with. Blame it on my lack of beauty knowledge, but I honestly couldn't make it work for my skin. No matter if I applied it with my fingers or a brush, it would look visible and streaky on my skin. Nowadays, I know this isn't an experience that's unique to me. In fact, after taking an informal poll of family and friends, it seems that liquid foundation is the most finicky of all foundation textures.

    Mac Studio Fix Fluid Foundation Review And Demo - Beautynepal -

    Keep scrolling to see celebrity makeup artist Anton Khachaturian explain the best way to apply liquid foundation, once and for all. Let's be honest with ourselves: We use our fingers more than any other beauty tool in our arsenal. Whether it's swiping on a cream blush, patting a lipstick onto our pout, or, yes, applying liquid foundation. According to Khachaturian, this isn't necessarily a bad thing. In fact, it warms up the product and gives it a more natural finish ," he says. If this is your only means of applying foundation, I suggest giving yourself a few extra minutes to make sure you really blend and smooth all the edges out.

    Before you apply foundation with your hands, make sure your fingers are clean. In fact, wash your hands in between every makeup step. This will avoid color transfer while also keep germs and any other impurities your hands encounter off of your face. Once your hands are dry, apply a bit of foundation onto the back of one hand. It's fluid enough to blend fairly easily yet has enough coverage so you're fingers won't sheer it out too much.

    When using a brush, it's important to choose one with synthetic bristles.


    Natural bristles can be a bit porous, meaning they can absorb some of the product. Simply run it under the sink for a few seconds until the sponge is saturated and plump. While there are many different liquid foundations we love to pair with our trusty Beautyblender, there is one special one that comes to mind: Beautyblender's brand-new Bounce Foundation, which was specifically developed to pair with the iconic sponge.

    It even has a built-in pan to deposit the liquid into before picking it up with the sponge. Here's the thing: Like with all makeup, there's no wrong or right. While certain techniques may lead to more consistent results, you should really use whatever works best for you. For Khachaturian, that's a combination of a brush and a makeup sponge.

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    I find that a couple different tools result in the most professional-looking application! So test out each of the three methods to discover which one you prefer. Maybe it's just one of them, or maybe, like Khachaturian, it's a combination of application techniques that yields the best results.

    It's also important to note that the way you prep your skin will affect the final outcome of your foundation application. If you have dry skin, make sure to moisturize beforehand to avoid a rough, separated look. If you have oily skin, it may be worth your time to invest in an oil-control moisturizer and finishing powder.

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    Foundation Mistake #1: Using a Powder Formula

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