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  2. Microsoft Office Preview Available for Mac as Free Download
  3. Microsoft Office 2016 Preview Available for Mac as Free Download
  4. Download Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 14.5.5 Update from Official Microsoft Download Center
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The old Windows crap is coming back to memory now….

What will you do?

Agree with Socalflyboy — the download started — says its 2. Each time it seems to download an installer package of only Mb. Not the best start!! Thanks for stating the obvious about using Safari. I was using Chrome and just could not get it to completely download. Worked without a hitch in Safari. I had the same problem. I tried with Chrome and Firefox and neither worked, only downloaded 2.

I have just downloaded the Office on a mac mini with Install was also faultless — about 19 minutes. Outlook to delete old preferences killall cfprefsd to kill cached preferences. Thanks, but no thanks. Apple should buy them and liquidate everything. Do NOT install the Preview! Word is 1.

Instructions for removal are located at http: Go to the Go Menu in your Finder Menu. Go to the Applications Folder. Drag the relevant app to your trash. Empty the file from your trash. I played around with it over the last day or so. Dumped the apps into the Trash from the Applications folder. NO problem! So far so good. Not using it for serious work at this point, of course, but may use it for notes and small tasks.

What I want to know and I havent figured out yet is it actually comparable to the Windont version. In our current version of it isnt near as powerful, like limited pivot tables in excel. I am wondering if they expanded it to more match the win or versions. I know is beta, but Excel is full of bugs. The trackpad becomes unresponsive and suddenly you cant edit cells. You need to restart the app. I have had the same problems with Excel that a lot of users here have stated.

Every 5 minutes or so Excel becomes unresponsive and you can not click inside a cell.

Microsoft Office Preview Available for Mac as Free Download

You can still navigate cells with your arrow keys, but you can not drag and select. If you scroll all the way to the left a few times, it seems to unfreeze it and Excel becomes responsive again. Also, if you are scrolling down the page just freezes and bounces back and forth. I had multiple windows open at one point, going back and forth between spread sheets and it came to a crawl.

Some updates or something are needed for this. Ridiculous for a Mac. This beta is definitely not ready for primetime, release. It says there is no account linked to my subscription despite the fact that I this is a free preview. The other apps are no problem — any advice? Major alert warning on Powerpoint: I spent hours developing a beautiful and business-critical presentation.

Microsoft Office 2016 Preview Available for Mac as Free Download

About 2 dozen slides in the deck, tons of photos and text. After closing the completed file and quitting PPT, I decided to change the name of the file by retyping it in the Finder. Staring at a blank single slide. Numerous frantic efforts to resurrect the deck — no luck and no backup of course…. I am getting a notification that my preview will be ending in 6 days. Is there any way to continue with the beta only having one problem or will I have to downgrade until the new version officially ships?! My preview just expired and I have no choice but to use which is full of bugs.

Download Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 14.5.5 Update from Official Microsoft Download Center

How do I extend the public beta? It says either contact Microsoft or activate I singed up for Office knowing that finally after 5 years a newer mac version is out there. After 5 years all we got was some fluffy cloud file saving BS. But seriously, it could have been so much better than it is. The fact that you cannot customize the quick access icons at the very top is sad beyond all words.

Revert from 16.xx builds to 15.xx

What a time saver that is and has been on Office windows since !!!. I used Office for 10 days and then uninstall the whole damn suite. Good riddance.

How To: Get Microsoft Office 2016 Full Version For Mac (FREE) 2 Methods

Save your money. For free,means without charge: This download requires that you enter credit card information. Name required. Mail will not be published required.

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How to obtain the update.


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