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  1. Mac Studio Sculpt Foundation Spf 15 Swatch, Review, FOTD and Demo
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  3. MAC Studio Sculpt’ SPF 15 Cream Foundation 40ml NC20 – Makeup Deals
  4. MAC Studio Sculpt’ SPF 15 Cream Foundation 40ml NC20

However, when I began covering up spots with dots of orange, it became apparent that NW20 had become too dark for my pasty winter skin, so off I trotted to the MAC store at Westfields. Stephie uses Studio Sculpt concealer as well, and her skin always looks perfect, so I picked it up in NW15 after testing it in-store.

Mac Studio Sculpt Foundation Spf 15 Swatch, Review, FOTD and Demo

I really like the consistency of the product, it's creamy and blends well into the skin, and the lasting power is pretty good too if set with powder. It's also better at concealing my spots, so no more horrifying orange blotches!

After the disappointment that was Revlon Colorstay liner, I found myself swatching the L'Oreal liners in Superdrug last week. I don't know what it is about L'Oreal but it's not a stand I tend to spend much time on. Maybe it's the ridiculous adverts, or the fact that I've disliked some items in the past, but at any rate they aren't a brand I buy from regularly.

Despite this, I was rather impressed with the Super Liner in Black Vinyl, as it resisted all attempts to rub it off my hand, so into my basket it went.

Vogue Recommends

So far I quite like it, despite it not being my usual pen-style liner. It's a lovely true black which lasts all day on me, although it takes slightly more time to draw perfect flicks! This was my first time trying Mineralize Moisture and I loved it. This is a medium coverage foundation that gives a dewy finish.

MAC Studio Fix Perfecting Stick (Various Shades)

I found this sunk into my skin a lot better than Studio Sculpt. This is a very thin, serum-like foundation, which is pretty undetectable on the skin. I would say this gives a light-medium coverage and would be a good one if you hate the feeling of makeup on your face. I like the fact it took away my redness, without looking like a mask. If you don't like heavy makeup, you will hate Studio Fix.

It smells a bit like paint, it's full coverage and there's nothing natural about it. But if you want flawless skin, you can't go wrong. This used to be my "party" foundation, because it makes your look skin look plastic fantastic in IRL, and in pictures, plus it lasts all day.

MAC Studio Sculpt’ SPF 15 Cream Foundation 40ml NC20 – Makeup Deals

High coverage, matte finish and budge proof. If those three things sound appealing to you, Pro Longwear has got your back. It's definitely not a 'no makeup' look, but if you don't want to worry about touching up your makeup throughout the day, this is fab. But be warned, if you have dry skin, this isn't going to be forgiving. This is a more forgiving version of the original Pro Longwear. It has all the original benefits plus it's waterproof but I just prefer the slightly less matte finish. If you want high coverage and long-wear, but have dry skin, this would be the one to go for. With thanks to King of the Booth.

MAC Studio Sculpt’ SPF 15 Cream Foundation 40ml NC20

Brushes on with enough blend time to conceal any size of blemish. Water-resistant and long-wearing.

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What MAC says about this concealer is largely true, but there is perhaps more than one downside to this otherwise excellent product. Read on to find out if this one is meant for you. When looking to buy concealer, you must consider why you need it — whether or not a good foundation will do the job and how much coverage you are looking for. Secondly, look at the consistency and how well it will do its job on your skin.

First Impressions : Mac Studio Sculpt Foundation

Thirdly, of course, look at the value for money that the product gives you and how often you will be able to use it. Concealer is the one make-up product that I absolutely cannot live without. I also happen to have very, very dry skin. Then, I decided to go to the MAC store.